India leading in global data consumption, says NITI Aayog

Latest statistics astoundingly testifies that Indians are way too ahead in consuming data than Americans and Chinese. Experts from Ericsson estimated India’s per person data usage to be 3.9 GB per month. According to NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant, the country’s per month mobile data consumption is about 150 crore gigabytes.

India leading in global data consumption, says NITI Aayog

The NITI Aayog Chief Kant tweeted this on last Friday: “Amazing! With 150 crore gigabytes per month of mobile data consumption, India is now world’s number one mobile data consuming country. Its mobile data consumption is higher than that of the USA and China put together.” The tweet, however, did not reveal the source of the data.

Ookla had traced the visible elevation in internet speed in the country earlier this month. “At the start of 2017, the average mobile download speed in India was 7.65 Mbps. Heading into the end of the year, average mobile download speed is 8.80 Mbps as of November. That’s a 15 percent increase,” says reports from Ookla.

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All these reports put together bears witness to the increase in data usage in India, in comparison with the pre-Jio era. With the crash entry of Reliance Jio into the market with its unbelievable tariffs, other service providers were also forced to bring down their rates, urging a majority of users to access the internet.

The consumption rates will presumably rise further with the impending expansion of LTE coverage.

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