Best Live Sports Kodi AddOns: Get, Set And Go!

Kodi has always been feted for its high-quality streaming links as well as the content that brews of alluring video quality from the category of shows and movies. Kodi addons have also been stigmatised with the same notion that they are only specially designed for tv and movie buffs. 

However, Kodi has broken the stereotypical image of it as a media player that only housed tv shows and movies and other such video content. Now, along with games, it also harbours a place for sports fans!

The diehard sports lovers can view the recent matches and games of their favourite sports live and on-demand with the latest live sports Kodi addons. 

Are you a sports fan looking forward to watching to cheer your team while it makes waves on the field? Here are the Kodi addons for on-demand live sports to make use of in 2021!

1. Rising Tides

Considered as an IPTV and PPV addon for the Kodi media player platform, Rising Tides is a live sport Kodi addon that undergoes updates on a regular basis to fit the compatible newest versions of Kodi. The sections and games harboured by the Rising Tides Kodi addon include:-

  • The sports on which you will receive your daily updates are some of these: NFL, Football, Cricket, Boxing, Golf, Motorsports, and lots more to come
  • It belongs from the Mullfabz repository as well as in the Lazy Kodi repo
  • The platform collates at least hundreds of international TV channels from where you can easily watch your favourite sports

2. The Loop

Revamped to fit into the latest Kodi 10 Matrix, The Loop is a Kodi addon for live sports that gets updated on weekly basis, offers the following advantages to its loyal base of users:-

  • It provides tons of high-quality links that get you bridged to both live streaming platforms as well as on-demand video content for sports
  • It comprises not only sports but TV shows and movies too. The content mainly streams from these regions: UK, the US, and Canada.
  • Some of the most common games that stream on the platform every now and then include the following:-
  • F1 racing
  • Football
  • Wrestling 
  • Golf

3. Gridiron Legends

Present in the Nole Dynasty repo repository, the Gridiron Legends Kodi addon for gaming has been found to be pleasing the sports fandom with the following alluring attributes:-

  • It has good availability of both on-demand live sports and sports catch-up content
  • Prominently premiering the American domain sports content, some of the popular sports viable on the platform include: 
  • NFL
  • NBA
  • MLB
  • WWE
  • Besides football section of college football category and Sports TV, some of the predominantly visible categories divided are:
  • NFL
  • live
  • PPV
  • wrestling
  • documentaries

4. TvTap

Present in the Cy4Root repository, the TvTap gaming addon of Kodi media player enraptured itself into a magnetic gaming arena that supports the following features:-

  • The on-demand live sports are well-supported and more focussed on as compared to other facilitators 
  • Any time access to the hundreds of international TV channels and the prominent countries involved are USA as well as most of Europe
  • Some of the sports that are highly in demand and played are NFL, NHL, MBA, Boxing, WWE, Tennis, and several others as such. 
  • The best part is that all these channels and sports streaming are freely available. 

5. Sports Continuum

Belong from the crew of Mbebe Repo, the Sports Continuum Kodi addon for streaming on-demand and live sports content harbours the given aspects that are generously appreciated because of its freely available nature:-

  • Also regarded as Q Continuum, it is an all-new kodi addon for live sports that streams live video content from all over the internet segregated into 1-click sections as well as playlists
  • It works better with Real Debrid
  • The rich sports content has been divided into a variety of categories (events, sources, scheduled dates). 

6. ApeX

Supporting not only live sports but also TV shows, Movies, content for kids and documentaries, ApeX comes out as an all-in-one platform. The main factors of its on-scale popularity amongst the masses is because of the following:-

  • Mainly focussed on showcasing American sports in limelight, the content for live sports streaming is quite rich and vast in nature
  • All the streams get regularly updated and even a few moments before the final showdown
  • All the sections are well-divided into various categories. Some of the prominent events are:- 
  • PPV Live events
  • NBA Live
  • MLB Live Games
  • NFL Live
  • NHL Live
  • XFL Football Live
  • NCAA Basketball Live
  • NCAA Football Live NHL Live
  • WWE/Smackdown Live

7. Sportowa TV

Sportowa TV is a sports-oriented add-on on Kodi that provides direct links to the on-demand live sports events along with extending the given services to the diehard sports fans:-

  • Sportowa TV is enriched with a laudable set of sports content that has been collated from all over the internet and other video content channels
  • The vast pool of archive has been divided into various categories like:
  • Live On Sports
  • VIP League
  • Live
  • TVP Sport
  • Crickfree
  • Strims World
  • SportsBay
  • Live Channels.
  • The scraper links get regularly updated and also right before the start of the event for a well-functioning link. 

Happy Sporting!

While the users can always leisurely watch sports using these addons on Kodi anytime they desire, it should also be noted that none of the above-mentioned add-ons can guarantee private or secured access to the environment. 

Although high-quality streaming experience, link availability and video resolution quality have been assured, the probability of finding the platform safe is still gullible. Therefore, a VPN server is always recommended that will hide your location, provide data encryption as well as keep your device and system safe. 

Also, if you happen to face any issue regarding the failure of the Kodi addon, it is possible that either the link has been pulled away, broken or entirely shut down. Therefore, check before you use the links and let us know in the comments what you think about the aforementioned live sports Kodi addons.

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